May the $$$ be with you.

Sales wise it looks like SWTOR is doing rather well. It also seems Bioware weren't kidding when they said that there would be limited acces at the start, I thought it was just a sales strat but it seems Gamestop is out of CE and has stopped providing early acces passes. Several other places are out of CE too and Origin isn't selling the Digital Deluxe version anymore.

In the first month of pre-orders there were over 450k sales in the USA,(VG Chartz) that's only retail sales, not counting the CE or DD versions and not counting countries outside of the USA, even John Smedley (head of Sony Online Entertainment) thinks that SWTOR could hit the 2 million mark (source)

There is no doubt the strong IP will translate in strong sales, not only will the game attract RPG and MMO veterans but also people who are just interested in it because they are Star Wars fans. I hope they'll be able to keep those subs after a few month into the launch. *crosses fingers* 

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