Did you know that Zombies are afraid of the sound a crying baby makes? No? Neither did I until I dreamt I was in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse last night.

 I wasn't even myself in the dream, I was some American virologist that had come to the airport (I got the feeling it was in LA)to pick up his family, his wife, teenage daughter, 10 year old son and 3 month old baby. Once there I found myself in zombie infested surroundings. The next bit consisted of setting up a rudimentary lab with the assistance of the top secret government agents of a top secret government office that were conveniently at the scene, trying to make a "cure" or a way to become resistant.

So now it was a fight against time and a fight against the zombies, at one time the kids got out of the containment area and had to be rescued, which I took part in as the lead agent  provided me with his glock after first trying to reason with me, but seeing I was hell bend of going after my kids. I also had to leave the place to get certain things to get the lab up and running.

In the end the "cure" failed and the lab was overrun, everyone but me and the family were dead, making it out onto the parking lot we saw a sea of zombies in front of us (great panning crane shot, my dream director must work with Jan de Bont) And when all hope seems lost as the zombies notice us, the baby starts crying. The zombies seem confused and startled by the noise and start to stagger, clearing a path for us to go though, we get to the mini-van (for crying out loud a Fiat Multipla?) and we drive of, cue a panning shot of the city overrun by zombies.

And then I woke up. You've got to love those feature length full Surround Sound Technicolor dreams :)

If any movie producers are reading this, I'm wiling to negotiate a movie deal :D

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