Madness, the cup they drink from.

Anyone who has visited the forums over at http://www.swtor.com today (Tuesday the 13th of December) will have seen the sheer madness of the wall of whining that is going on there.
Honestly? People are whining they didn't get in to today's pick for early access or whining about how people are already leveling when they can't get in.
Now on PvP servers I kind of get the latter, but heck if you go PvP you are going to be ganked sooner or later anyhow right? You'll still get the jump over anyone who didn't pre-order.

And then there are the people saying that Bioware sucks and that everyone should be in early access from day one...

They never guaranteed how many days we'd get, the initial early access date was the 15th, the game LAUNCHES THE 20th! you are entitled to NOTHING!

Honestly what the fuck is going on with this generation? Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Bioware is letting people play the game, up to 7 days before launch for FUCKING FREE! They don't have to give you anything yet you're given this as a gift and you still want more? Fuck you! merry fucking Christmas!

Sometimes I think genocide is the answer...

p.s. for the record, no, I didn't get in with the waves send out today, I don't expect to be able to play until Thursday.

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